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Project Description

The skin matters

How is important feeling well in your skin?

Those who suffer from Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria know it very well.

Together with Novartis we designed the social awareness campaign on the occasion of #urticariaday2016. Five unusual animals populated Facebook and Instagram feeds for days, and every “Like” or “Little Heart” was  a support to help them regaining their skin.


Feel good in your skin

La pelle conta (The skin matters) is the campaign we created together with Novartis for the third Urticaria World Day with the aim to raise public awareness on chronic spontaneous urticaria, to inform patients on the possibilities of treatment, and give visibility to the initiatives organized on the national territory by the Associations FederASMA and ALLERGIE Onlus.


Take back the skin that belongs to you

Get rid of the symptoms of urticaria to feel well in your skin: this is the message we wanted to convey, inviting patients go on fighting the disease.

To achieve this goal, we commissioned the creation of digital pieces of art to the Italian artist Viola Pantano, who gave the best form to our creative idea.

The red fish with the spotted mantle and the zebra/elephant were two of the five curious animals that populated Facebook Instagram feeds for days.

Through the Facebook account of GAS Communication, we also spread Novartis video “Urticaria is not just a matter of skin”.

The combination of these two types of message (multiple video images) allowed us to make the campaign more effective and reach a target that was not limited to patients.

Press office activities gave important visibility to the awareness initiatives that took place in several Italian cities, spreading information on chronic spontaneous urticaria and new therapeutic possibilities.


A better quality of life

Media and users responded to the campaign with lots of news, thousands of reactions, numerous shares and comments.