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Project Description


It was the official hashtag of Rare Disease Day 2016 and it was among the trend topic on twitter. With this social awareness campaign, realized with Uniamo Fimr Onlus, we reached thousands of people and obtained the spontaneous support of many journalists, testimonials and personalities from the world of entertainment and culture.



It was the awareness campaign promoted by UNIAMO FIMR Onlus – Italian Federation of Rare Diseases on the occasion of the ninth edition of Rare Diseases Day.

Primary goals of this campaign:

  • increase awareness and information on rare diseases among public opinion and decision makers
  • break the isolation of patients and their families
  • spread the message that communities of ‘rare patients’ all over the world are working hard to get the special needs of those who live these conditions


Join us to make the voice of Rare Diseases heard

Users have been asked to publish their image screaming or to share the campaign’s creative images using the hashtag #UniamoLaVoce. The initiative attracted the attention of many and February 29, World Rare Disease Day, the hashtag #UniamoLaVoce was trend topic with over 1500 tweets generated, thus appearing among the hottest topics on the social network.


The spontaneous participation of well-known personalities

The initiative has gathered the solidarity of many personalities from the entertainment world and not only: Valentina Vezzali, Paola Turci, Fiorella Mannoia, Raf, Malika Ayane, Emma Marrone, Nek and Jimmy Ghione have supported the campaign by posting images and tweets.
The video-testimony of 
Iacopo Melio, the 26 year old guy suffering from a rare genetic disease, has conquered the web with his struggle against architectural barriers and discrimination.


The contributions of thousands users on Twitter

The hashtag was trend topic on Twitter, with 7 million users reached, over 1500 tweets and 1300 retweets.

Press Office:

Over 70 newspapers, about 100 online magazines and more than 180 radio and televisions gave a huge visibility to the annual event with the aim of raising awareness among public opinion and decision makers for a common effort and organizational change to provide more assistance to rare patients and their families.

To date, the Rare Disease Day has contributed to the progress of targeted national and political plans in many Countries.

Every year the Day focuses on a particular theme, accompanied by a slogan. Thanks to it, the community of rare patients is moving away from a condition of isolated and abandoned people to critical citizens capable of proactive actions that open the door to new hopes.